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We Often Forget To Be Thankful




Probably you do not know that I am a therapist for Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have my own studio, but I’m not 100% busy with it. So I in my remaining time I’m working on my online business.

Among my clients in my alternative medicine practice, there is a client sitting in a wheelchair for 17 years. She was very young when a terrific car accident occurred. See has an appointment today that’s why I’m inspired to write about her.

At first it was a challenge for me because I was not used to deal with wheelchair users. There is always the fear that you are acting stupid. Either one is too sensitive or too little empathetic. It is a tightrope walk. But it is more likely to be too empathetic, which is not pleasant for the disabled person. You tend to treat the person like it was a child.

I told her about my insecurity and inexperience and asked her, so to speak, to instruct me and tell me what and when I am doing or saying wrong. If you want to change something you have to know where to start and my client was pleasantly surprised and grateful for my honesty. Each time she’s with me, she tells me how much she looked forward to the appointment and how grateful she is to come to me.

The fear of handling disabled person the wrong way is big. But why is this fear of doing right or wrong? If you treat everyone with respect anyway, you can not do anything wrong in this situation. The only difference is the extra wheelchair. Otherwise it’s people like you and me. I would even say that they are even a step better. Because they were faced with death and now have the awareness of how precious life is and are grateful for it. They are strong people who master their lives despite their difficulties and teach us a great lesson in terms of positivity. Many of them are also top athletes, as a healthy, positive spirit is part of them.

My client is one of the most positive, funniest and most accomplished people I know. She always has a smile and always a nice word for everyone.

Yes, the word gratitude is not so common in our vocabulary. Actually we have everything in the Western and yet we are moaning and yet we are unhappy.

Instead, we should once again learn to take responsibility for our lives and change things that do not suit us. We can do that … it may take some work, the will and perseverance to do something. But …. nothing is impossible.

Not to be forgotten … be thankful. Thankful that we have a job (even if it is not the dream job, this can be changed), thankful that we have a roof over our heads, thankful that we have food and drink, thankful that we are healthy, grateful that we have good friends, thankful that we can enjoy a family, thankful that we were allowed to be parents, ever grateful that I may open my eyes in the morning and make the day full of energy to my liking. Just be thankful!


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